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Ash Wednesday at Foggy Bottom in Washington DC

This past week my thirteen year old son, Paul, an eighth grader, and I visited our capitol in Washington DC.  It was the first visit for us both and was such a great trip that included so many wonderful memories in such a short period of time. I’m going to publish a mini … [Read more...]

From Pink to Pizza – Ellen DeGeneres was “It” for Me This Year at the Oscar’s

From Pink to Pizza, this year’s Oscar program actually kept me fully engaged.  I am a “check-in-and-wait-for-the-best-actor” kind of a viewer most years and I’m not one to make a point of seeing all the different movies.  The entertainment was amazing  but I think Ellen DeGeneres … [Read more...]

Seattle Taxis? Paris Has The Same UBER Problems

There was a big article in The Seattle Times this morning about  the taxi drivers  the Seattle City Council deciding that there is room for more public transportation a la “ride share” options including Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar.  They’re allowing 150 drivers operate at one time in … [Read more...]