Archives for July 2014

Introducing my School of Codds

I realized that I haven't formally introduced the whole school of Codds.  I have Sydney-22, Caroline-soon to be 21, Paul-14 and Stuart who is 19.  They all couldn't be more different and each come with a different story.  Here is a small introduction. This is … [Read more...]

RIP James Garner

This weekend we lost another iconic personality from my youth, James Garner. I was a kid raised on ABC, NBC and CBS.  It's hard to fathom that, back then, we didn't have the infinite channels to choose from like our kids have today. The Rockford Files, Mork and Mindy and … [Read more...]

Bastille Day in Seattle

This past weekend I went to the Ballard SeafoodFest with my Renaissance Man, Tracy. Ballard is in northeastern part of Seattle and is the center of Scandinavian culture with its festivals and  Nordic regalia.   Ballard is located on the water along the Puget Sound and is also … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why I Love Crossfit

I am a fitness freak.  I was a very active child and my whole life I have always been an athlete.  Now, in my 40's I'm still very mindful of health and fitness. Always up for a new challenge, I started Crossfit on my birthday last fall.   I remember that day clearly because in … [Read more...]

Belly-up to the Best Bars in Florence, Italy

I love visiting Florence.  In my old life of importing italian products, I would visit there quite frequently. The incredibly simple Tuscan food is traditionally accompanied by a bold glass of sangiovese or a refreshing Rosato.  Sometimes, however, a sunny day in Tuscany calls … [Read more...]

Treat Man’s Best Friend With leanlix

Is your best friend trained? Does your best friend do what you say? Do you have control over your best friend?  The BFF I’m speaking of would be your pooch, “man’s best friend”. If your answer is “no”, to any of the questions above, you need the Lean, Lickable, Love found in … [Read more...]