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Spicy Red Sauce Oyster Stew

I love oysters and I like searching for them on the beach at our cabin on Hood Canal.  We tend to either slurp them down raw or put them on the campfire. With the last bounty of oysters I chose to make A Spicy Oyster Stew. To make enough for 4 people you'll need the … [Read more...]

Aw Shucks! Hunting for Oysters on Hood Canal

My father-in-law owns a rustic cabin on Hood Canal's Toandas Peninsula in Northwestern Washington.  The Codd extended family takes turns visiting because it's pretty small.  This summer was so busy that our family (minus the girls) was only able to visit once this year.  It is a … [Read more...]

Entering The Pink Door

Lunch on a beautiful terrazzo with my two daughters – I can’t think of many more special things to do.  Both girls are getting ready to start their adult lives (whether I like it or not) and we celebrated, just us three with lunch at The Pink Door in Post Alley followed by a … [Read more...]

Paddle Boards… a Perfect Summer to SUP

Ever SUPped? SUP is an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboard.  Recently,  I ventured north to Arlington (just north of Seattle)  to hang with my fellow sorority sisters, Stacey and Chris, for some lunch and some SUPing. I'm not exactly sure how to use the acronym, … [Read more...]

Views of Lavender

Lavender sachets, lavender honey, lavender oils, lavender baked goods, lavender bouquets, lavender lotion and lavender farms.   Tourists come in droves this time of year to the Sequim Valley to see the celebrated lavender fields.  Sequim is a quaint little town and a treat to … [Read more...]

Why didn’t I Think of These Kitchen Tips and Tricks?

Why didn't I think of that?   Check out these kitchen tricks and tips! This is one of those cool posts you see that you absolutely must share!  Check out all these "why didn't I think of that" kitchen tricks and tips from Nicolette on the How Does She blog. 1.  Use … [Read more...]