Buckets of Blueberries

Have you ever picked blueberries?  Blueberries are an amply available here, in the Seattle area, from July to about now.  We had a marvelously dry summer with very little foggy mornings so the blueberry season was and robust. Rain splits the beautiful berries.

We were able to pick fifteen pounds yesterday at a farm in Kent but earlier this summer, I went picking in Arlington with a couple of friends at a quaint little u-pick, Blueberry AcresBlueberry AcresThe entrance of Blueberry Acres is marked with this darling provincial sign followed by a tunnel of trees lining the driveway.Entrace to the Blueberry Acres

After passing through this enchanting arch we head to the little blue house surrounded by rows of blueberry bushes.Blueberries for saleWorking in the rustic house is the woman who has owned the property for forty years.  We wait our turn and she issues us small buckets that are rigged with ropes that allows pickers to ‘wear’ around their neck while having two hands fast and furiously picking at the same time.Buckets for BlueberriesInside the blue house is an inventory of five gallon buckets, flat boxes, and an old scale to weigh the berries.  There weren’t many folks picking when we were but by the looks of the amount of buckets that are stacked, it must be crowded most days.Blueberry Bushes on the FarmAfter we were issued our buckets, we followed her to our assigned row of bushes.  Blueberry farmers monitor the timing of when different bushes are depleted to manage future ripening.

Blueberries on the bushWe were rewarded with loads of berries dripping off the bushes.  There were multiple varieties at our fingertips.  I was prepared for a huge bounty.

Hanging Bucket of Blueberries

Blueberries on the Scale

Isn’t this old scale amazing?  It probably took all of a half hour to fill our bucket with six pounds.  Blueberry picking is a great bang for your buck.  In a short period of time you’re rewarded with juicy, flavorful blueberries at a reasonable cost.  Most farmers charge around $2.00 a pound.  We love having Ziploc bags full of blueberries in our freezer year-round for cooking, baking and protein shakes.

Entrance of Blueberry Acres

Leaving Blueberry Acres, we, again passed under the beautiful tunnel of branches, each with our healthy snacks conveniently placed within reach of the driver’s seat.  Summertime blueberry picking is a pastime not to be missed.

Most berry farms have closed for the season.  You may have some luck at www.pickyourown.org to find who’s still open.  This is an amazingly informative website.  Have fun!



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