Summer Watermelon Snack With Ground Citron Salt

Summer fruits are my favorites.  In addition to peaches, blueberries, cantaloupe, apricots, and plums I love snacking on watermelon. My favorite way to eat watermelon is with lots of salt.  I used to use regular Kosher salt until I found citron salt. When I had my kitchen … [Read more...]

Buckets of Blueberries

Have you ever picked blueberries?  Blueberries are an amply available here, in the Seattle area, from July to about now.  We had a marvelously dry summer with very little foggy mornings so the blueberry season was and robust. Rain splits the beautiful berries. We were able to … [Read more...]

Spicy Red Sauce Oyster Stew

I love oysters and I like searching for them on the beach at our cabin on Hood Canal.  We tend to either slurp them down raw or put them on the campfire. With the last bounty of oysters I chose to make A Spicy Oyster Stew. To make enough for 4 people you'll need the … [Read more...]

Entering The Pink Door

Lunch on a beautiful terrazzo with my two daughters – I can’t think of many more special things to do.  Both girls are getting ready to start their adult lives (whether I like it or not) and we celebrated, just us three with lunch at The Pink Door in Post Alley followed by a … [Read more...]

Keeping Our Bees Buzzing

Our son, Stuart, started keeping bees two years ago for his senior project. We spent a small fortune on the boxes, two suits, the smoker, hive tool and the first hive of Italian bees. The project was to include a blog documenting his progress as a beekeeper.  The blog went … [Read more...]

Bastille Day in Seattle

This past weekend I went to the Ballard SeafoodFest with my Renaissance Man, Tracy. Ballard is in northeastern part of Seattle and is the center of Scandinavian culture with its festivals and  Nordic regalia.   Ballard is located on the water along the Puget Sound and is also … [Read more...]