Shopping Cuban Grocery Stores

Shopping Cuban grocery stores provides a different shopping experience than any places I've visited. With over 60 years of the prolonged Revolution, the Cuban people have learned how to adjust to life without everyday items that we would barely recognize as necessities – much … [Read more...]

We rented an Airbnb House in Havana

We rented an Airbnb house in Havana, Cuba.  During the time we planned on being in Havana, all the hotels were booked in the city, so  we used - a website for people to book unique accommodations around the world. We found our a house in Vedado - an incredible Spanish … [Read more...]

American Citizens Traveling to Cuba

“Awesome,” is the answer that I give to people who ask me how our trip to Cuba was.  I’ve written a series of posts for future publishing about our adventure because I can’t possibly cover it all in one missive. My Renaissance husband, Tracy, and I decided to travel to Cuba … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Luck at Lucky U in Burien

Olde Burien is secret shopping and dining strip of two blocks just 4.6 miles or 10 minutes from Seatac Airport.  Olde Burien.  It is home to many businesses including an italian restaurant, a bar, a theater, a thai restaurant, a beauty spa, a gift shop, and Lucky U. Lucky U, a … [Read more...]

Summer Watermelon Snack With Ground Citron Salt

Summer fruits are my favorites.  In addition to peaches, blueberries, cantaloupe, apricots, and plums I love snacking on watermelon. My favorite way to eat watermelon is with lots of salt.  I used to use regular Kosher salt until I found citron salt. When I had my kitchen … [Read more...]

Belay on!

Belay on!  This is one of the commands that stays in my head after an evening of summertime rock climbing with my friends Tara and her fiancé, Jason.  I hadn't ever climbed beyond a small climbing rock in a gym so this was a new challenge. Jason works at REI and Tara worked … [Read more...]