Keeping Our Bees Buzzing

Our son, Stuart, started keeping bees two years ago for his senior project. We spent a small fortune on the boxes, two suits, the smoker, hive tool and the first hive of Italian bees. The project was to include a blog documenting his progress as a beekeeper.  The blog went … [Read more...]

RIP James Garner

This weekend we lost another iconic personality from my youth, James Garner. I was a kid raised on ABC, NBC and CBS.  It's hard to fathom that, back then, we didn't have the infinite channels to choose from like our kids have today. The Rockford Files, Mork and Mindy and … [Read more...]

Treat Man’s Best Friend With leanlix

Is your best friend trained? Does your best friend do what you say? Do you have control over your best friend?  The BFF I’m speaking of would be your pooch, “man’s best friend”. If your answer is “no”, to any of the questions above, you need the Lean, Lickable, Love found in … [Read more...]

Usher the Aqua Man

My renaissance man and I try to frequent different happy hours in Seattle at least once a week as a quick date, time to connect and to try new places.  We included a couple of friends yesterday to our outing at the gorgeous waterfront restaurant, Aqua by El Gaucho. Aqua … [Read more...]