Belay on!

Belay on!  This is one of the commands that stays in my head after an evening of summertime rock climbing with my friends Tara and her fiancé, Jason.  I hadn't ever climbed beyond a small climbing rock in a gym so this was a new challenge. Jason works at REI and Tara worked … [Read more...]

Buckets of Blueberries

Have you ever picked blueberries?  Blueberries are an amply available here, in the Seattle area, from July to about now.  We had a marvelously dry summer with very little foggy mornings so the blueberry season was and robust. Rain splits the beautiful berries. We were able to … [Read more...]

Snapping pictures on the Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Northwest is loaded with fun trails.  In August, trail runner Joe McConaughy, set a record for the fastest time to complete the Pacific Crest Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada.  He ran an average of 45 miles day for nearly two months to complete the 2,660-mile … [Read more...]

Paddle Boards… a Perfect Summer to SUP

Ever SUPped? SUP is an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboard.  Recently,  I ventured north to Arlington (just north of Seattle)  to hang with my fellow sorority sisters, Stacey and Chris, for some lunch and some SUPing. I'm not exactly sure how to use the acronym, … [Read more...]

Keeping Our Bees Buzzing

Our son, Stuart, started keeping bees two years ago for his senior project. We spent a small fortune on the boxes, two suits, the smoker, hive tool and the first hive of Italian bees. The project was to include a blog documenting his progress as a beekeeper.  The blog went … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why I Love Crossfit

I am a fitness freak.  I was a very active child and my whole life I have always been an athlete.  Now, in my 40's I'm still very mindful of health and fitness. Always up for a new challenge, I started Crossfit on my birthday last fall.   I remember that day clearly because in … [Read more...]