We rented an Airbnb House in Havana

We rented an Airbnb house in Havana, Cuba.  During the time we planned on being in Havana, all the hotels were booked in the city, so  we used Airbnb.com - a website for people to book unique accommodations around the world. We found our a house in Vedado - an incredible Spanish … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Luck at Lucky U in Burien

Olde Burien is secret shopping and dining strip of two blocks just 4.6 miles or 10 minutes from Seatac Airport.  Olde Burien.  It is home to many businesses including an italian restaurant, a bar, a theater, a thai restaurant, a beauty spa, a gift shop, and Lucky U. Lucky U, a … [Read more...]

Buckets of Blueberries

Have you ever picked blueberries?  Blueberries are an amply available here, in the Seattle area, from July to about now.  We had a marvelously dry summer with very little foggy mornings so the blueberry season was and robust. Rain splits the beautiful berries. We were able to … [Read more...]

Snapping pictures on the Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Northwest is loaded with fun trails.  In August, trail runner Joe McConaughy, set a record for the fastest time to complete the Pacific Crest Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada.  He ran an average of 45 miles day for nearly two months to complete the 2,660-mile … [Read more...]

Spicy Red Sauce Oyster Stew

I love oysters and I like searching for them on the beach at our cabin on Hood Canal.  We tend to either slurp them down raw or put them on the campfire. With the last bounty of oysters I chose to make A Spicy Oyster Stew. To make enough for 4 people you'll need the … [Read more...]

Aw Shucks! Hunting for Oysters on Hood Canal

My father-in-law owns a rustic cabin on Hood Canal's Toandas Peninsula in Northwestern Washington.  The Codd extended family takes turns visiting because it's pretty small.  This summer was so busy that our family (minus the girls) was only able to visit once this year.  It is a … [Read more...]