Summer Watermelon Snack With Ground Citron Salt

Summer fruits are my favorites.  In addition to peaches, blueberries, cantaloupe, apricots, and plums I love snacking on watermelon. My favorite way to eat watermelon is with lots of salt.  I used to use regular Kosher salt until I found citron salt. When I had my kitchen … [Read more...]

Why didn’t I Think of These Kitchen Tips and Tricks?

Why didn't I think of that?   Check out these kitchen tricks and tips! This is one of those cool posts you see that you absolutely must share!  Check out all these "why didn't I think of that" kitchen tricks and tips from Nicolette on the How Does She blog. 1.  Use … [Read more...]

Keeping Our Bees Buzzing

Our son, Stuart, started keeping bees two years ago for his senior project. We spent a small fortune on the boxes, two suits, the smoker, hive tool and the first hive of Italian bees. The project was to include a blog documenting his progress as a beekeeper.  The blog went … [Read more...]

Treat Man’s Best Friend With leanlix

Is your best friend trained? Does your best friend do what you say? Do you have control over your best friend?  The BFF I’m speaking of would be your pooch, “man’s best friend”. If your answer is “no”, to any of the questions above, you need the Lean, Lickable, Love found in … [Read more...]

Beauty in an Italian Jar

I was an importer for twelve years.  My partner and I imported artisan products from France and Italy.  We wholesaled the olive wood, ceramics, linens and jewelry and sold them online and  in a few retail spaces that we ran. Being around such beautiful art and handicrafts all … [Read more...]

Our Neighbors, the Batalis

Gina Batali was featured in the Seattle Times last week about her life and the famed shop she and her husband took over from her dad  10 years ago– Salumi Artisan Cured Meats.  The piece portrayed her as genuine and unpretentious, which means they got it exactly … [Read more...]