Summer Watermelon Snack With Ground Citron Salt

Summer fruits are my favorites.  In addition to peaches, blueberries, cantaloupe, apricots, and plums I love snacking on watermelon.

My favorite way to eat watermelon is with lots of salt.  I used to use regular Kosher salt until I found citron salt.
Watermelon topped with citrus salt

When I had my kitchen store, we carried Falksalt Citron Salt Flakes.  I love to add this to my watermelon snack.

Falksalt Citron Crystal Flakes

Citron Salt Flakes

Falksalt flakes can be used directly on food but I prefer a salt mill to finely grind the salt evenly.

Use a Salt Grinder for Salt Flakes

I love my yellow French salt shaker for my citron salt.  Doesn’t it scream “summer”?


Pick out the perfect seedless watermelon and cut it up into bite size pieces.  I like using a sturdy Wusthof 8″  or 10″ Cook’s Knife  to cut the watermelon and this 27″ x 18″ Epicurean cutting board with a juice groove to catch all the liquid that inevitably will mess up the counter.

Watermelon with Citrus Salt

A beautiful bowl compliments the red watermelon pieces on a summer table. I love finding a reason to use my hand painted Italian Pottery.
Salt on Watermelon 2Grind the salt flakes all around the top of the watermelon.  Lightly stir the watermelon – pulling the bottom pieces up to the top.  Salt once again to taste.

Falksalt makes many different varieties of salt flakes including chipotle, black, wild mushroom, wild garlic and natural.

Experimenting with salt can open up a new culinary world for home cooks.  I use the citron on my vegetables as well with a little olive oil.

Buon Appetito!






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